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Klaus ‚Serratus‘ Drescher was awarded with the „Sportehrennadel in Gold“!

There seems to be no end to the success of Klaus these days. Another special day in his bodybuilding career was the 6th of December 2017. Klaus was awarded with the „Sportehrennadel in Gold“ for his accomplishments,  given to him by the municipality of St. Andrä (Carinthia).

Unique honor for a bodybuilder

For Klaus this award is an especially great and unique honor. „I never thought, that a bodybuilder would receive such an award.“, he said. The photo below shows him with Peter Stauber, mayor of St. Andrä, and his wife Bernadette Stauber, which presented him with the Sportehrennadel in Gold.

Klaus with mayor Peter Stauber and
his wife Bernadette Stauber.

Klaus was voted „Steirer“ and „Kärntner des Tages“! by Kleine Zeitung

After his success at the WFF World Championship in Cyprus Klaus was voted „Steirer“  as well as „Kärnter des Tages“ by the daily newspaper Kleine Zeitung. Klaus is very happy about this curiosity as you can also see on his Facebook page.

Overall, the last few days were quite exciting for Klaus, he was filming several videos for local television networks such as ServusTV or the ORF.

Links for the mentioned articles:

Steirer des Tages

Kärntner des Tages


Klaus won the WFF World Championship 2017!

Saturday, 4th of November 2017, Nicosia, Cyprus. Klaus won the WFF (World Fitness Federation) World Championship title in the category „Superbody“ and also became Vice-World Champion in the Pro Division.

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He qualified for the WFF World Championship with his equally outstanding second place at the NABBA/WFF Austrian Open in Grafenwörth this year.

Individual + comparison posing and victory ceremony

This is Klaus biggest success so far, alongside his two ViceEuropean Championship titles from 2015 in Montecatini, Italy (WFF) and Breda, the Netherlands (WBPF) and his WFF Mr. Universum title in 2013.
But he will not, however, rest on his laurels, Klaus is already preparing for more competitions in 2018.


You can find more about his success here:

Kleine Zeitung:


Mein Bezirk:

Segment on the local television channel Kanal3:

Klaus 'Serratus' Drescher - WBPF European Championship 2015 Breda

Vice European Champion in Netherlands: The show must go on!

Breda/Netherlands, 6th of June 2015: No other competition did fit better to my quotation „It would be bad, if you didn’t improve from one competition to the next“ than the European Championship of the WBPF in Breda/Netherlands. The whole journey was great, the preparation during the days before was perfect: I was able to optimize muscle mass, definition and symmetry, my performance and overall impression were on point, I felt very good on stage, as you can see in the following video of my posing routine:

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Posing routine:

Although I finished on the second place and therefore won not only the silver medal for Austria but also the second vice european championship title in my bodybuilding career until now, I was very pleased with the outcome, since I was only a few points behind Roman Gavryshchuck, who is currently the best WBPF athlete out there!

Apart from that, 2015 isn’t over, not by a long shot…


BRONZE MEDAL at the international Austrian Championships NABBA/WFF

Grafenwörth/Austria on Saturday, May 31th, 2015: Another highlight of the competition year 2015 – I received the BRONZE medal and finished on 3rd place only behind future NABBA World Champion Thomas Burianek and NABBA Vice World Champion Daniel Mayer, but I qualified nonetheless for the upcoming WFF Mr. Universe on June 27th 2015 in France and the WFF European Championship held in Italy a week later.

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„Serratus“ dominating the Lugner City: OVERALL WINNER at the int. Austrian Championships & European Championship qualifiers

Lugner City/Vienna on Saturday May 16th 2015: One of the greatest moments in my career!

It was the first time since 2013 that I started in a competition organized by the Association of WBPF. I did win not only the heavyweight class (men over 90kg), but also the subsequent OVERALL WINNER competition in which all class winners compete against each other. I came out on top despite strong opponents, won the GOLD MEDAL for the first time this year!

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Here’s a video shot by JÜRGEN SALOMON:

The Lugner City as competition arena

About 1500 viewers spread across 3 floors of the building created a great atmosphere! It was my first competition in the Lugner City at all, I enjoyed it very much and as it turns out, it shouldn’t be the last competition in this breathtaking competition arena in 2015…

Here’s a video of the award ceremony men’s heavy weight (over 90kg):

Award ceremony men’s OVERALL:

WFF Worlds 2014 in Australia: 4th place

On November 4th 2014 the WFF Worlds 2014 took place in Gold Coast (Australia).

As you can imagine, travelling from Austria to Australia took its time for Roxana and me: nearly 40 hours without sleep in a sitting position, no carbs during the flights (4 transits included) resulting in about 8 hours each without food.

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In addition to that, when arriving at the Brisbane airport, we had another 150 kilometers to go until finally reaching the location where the WFF Worlds 2014 would take place. No it was time for the first decent meal after about 40 hours and regeneration (after such a stressful time, it was quite hard to find some sleep).

The WFF Worlds 2014

Nonetheless I was in my best form on the competition day – not getting better from competition to competition would be bad (laughing). Posing was good, I had fun doing my routine but competition was strong and I sadly finished only on 4th place, still leaving world class athletes behind.

However, here’s a video of the WFF Worlds 2014 Extremebody:

New website online

It took it’s time, but now is back!

The whole website has been overhauled and got a new, modern look, which also works like a charm on all mobile devices.

The website will be updated with new posts more often and will play a big part besides my Facebook page. I’ve also been on Instagram for some time now and I’ll be posting fotos there from time to time. Please stop by if you’re also on Instagram.

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A small, but to me very important new feature is Team SERRATUS, a community of friends, who always stand behind me. If you sign up, you’ll get all important information about me (like dates of championships or other appearances) via e-mail and you’ll be among the first to know if something comes up in my life. In addition to that, there’s the one or the other raffles planned for Team SERRATUS members.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay anything and you can unsubscribe at any time.

To sign up, please fill out the following form and check your e-mail account – a confirmation e-mail should be arriving shortly after.

There’s nothing more to say at this point except: Thanks for visiting my website! I’ll appreciate it, if you stop by in the future and I’m looking forward to welcome you on Facebook, Instagram or as a Team SERRATUS member. There are fantastic times ahead of us and I’ll be very happy to share them with you!