Klaus 'Serratus' Drescher - WBPF European Championship 2015 Breda

Vice European Champion in Netherlands: The show must go on!

Breda/Netherlands, 6th of June 2015: No other competition did fit better to my quotation „It would be bad, if you didn’t improve from one competition to the next“ than the European Championship of the WBPF in Breda/Netherlands. The whole journey was great, the preparation during the days before was perfect: I was able to optimize muscle mass, definition and symmetry, my performance and overall impression were on point, I felt very good on stage, as you can see in the following video of my posing routine:

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Posing routine:

Although I finished on the second place and therefore won not only the silver medal for Austria but also the second vice european championship title in my bodybuilding career until now, I was very pleased with the outcome, since I was only a few points behind Roman Gavryshchuck, who is currently the best WBPF athlete out there!

Apart from that, 2015 isn’t over, not by a long shot…