About me

Klaus Drescher was born on the 10th of August in 1987 in Wolfsberg, an small Austrian town in beautiful Carinthia.

Grown up in Eitweg, a tiny village close to St. Andrä Klaus visited schools in Eitweg and St. Stefan to pass his school leaving exams in the „Höheren Technischen Lehranstalt“ Wolfsberg with distinction.

At the age of 17 Klaus started visiting a fitness center to train his back muscles due to pain in his back and problems with his intervertebral discs.

2005 Klaus got to know the Bodybuilder Roland Traußnig during his training, who invited him to a bodybuilding competition in October 2006, in which Roland participated himself. Klaus enjoyed it a lot and was hooked to bodybuilding from this moment on: He started to train harder with an appearance during the International Austria Cup in October 2007 in mind. He took part in the junior category and finised with an excellent 3rd place in his first appearance ever.

Klaus Drescher from Carinthia set a strong mark during this competition!” [translated from a german article on http://wbpf.at]

If you see Klaus Drescher during his posing routine, Arnold Schwarzenegger comes to your mind. The Carinthian exactly knows how to present his trademark shots. He was the best defined Athlet and was able to keep up with the other super weight bodybuilders despite his young age of 22.“ [translated from WBPF.at]

Sascha Bauer, a very aesthetic athlet from Vienna, encountered „Arnold Look-a-like“ Klaus Drescher from Carinthia. Klaus used a new Posing music and rightly counted on the posing setup, that made Arnold famous. His appearance was amazing and the judges saw him as deserved victor.“ [translated from WBPF.at]

But this was just the beginning. Visit his Achievement page to see all the competitions in which Klaus participated.