Hi, I'm Klaus 'Serratus' Drescher.

At the age of 17 I started to work out in a gym because of back pain and spinal disc problems. Soon, my interest in bodybuilding and bodybuilding contests was sparked – 2007 marked my first time on stage by participating in IFBBs International Austria Cup. Follow this link to get more information about me »


Height: 1,86 m
Competition weight: 103 kg
Posing-Style: classic
Ideal: Arnold Schwarzenegger


“Go straight ahead.”


“You are not what you eat, you are what you burn.”


Mr. Universe

In Jun 2013 I earned the Mr. Universe title of the WFF by winning the competition in Thessaloniki, Greece.

3x Vice  European Champion

July 2015, WFF, in Terme (Italy) · May 2015, WBPF, in Breda (Netherlands) · May 2010, WBPF, in Vienna (Austria)

4x International Austrian Champion

Nov. 2015, WBPF 6th Int. Austria Cup (+ Overall) · May 2015, WBPF 6th Int. Austrian Championship (+ Overall) · 2011, WBPF Int. Austrian Championship · 2010, WBPF Int. Austria Cup


Klaus ‘Serratus’ Drescher was awarded with the “Sportehrennadel in Gold”!

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Klaus won the WFF World Championship 2017!

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Klaus 'Serratus' Drescher - WBPF European Championship 2015 Breda

Vice European Champion in Netherlands: The show must go on!

Breda/Netherlands, 6th of June 2015: No other competition did fit better to my quotation "It…


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